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Queensland property next to the beach

Why is Everyone Moving to Queensland?

Australia’s Internal Migration 2020 2020 was Australia’s year for internal migration, with tens of thousands of individuals and families choosing to move between states. Several trends were seen throughout the interstate resident swap, including a clear inclination towards regional areas. A net total of 43,000 Australians moved from capital cities to regional areas last year…. Read more

Predictions for the Australian Property Market: 2021 and Beyond

Property Prices are Increasing Around Australia There’s no doubt you’ve seen the media around property price increases over the past few months. As a country, Australia has worked hard to lift itself out of the COVID-19 pandemic-induced recession. Thanks to this, 2021 is looking bright for property prices, with publications from ANZ and other big… Read more

Why You Should NEVER Self-Manage Your Investment Property

Property Investment is a Team Effort Owning an investment property is exactly like owning a business. With any business there is a clear structure of managers and employees, each with dedicated roles & responsibilities that add to the smooth and effective running of the business. In the overwhelming majority of cases a team approach brings… Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Investment Property?

It can be difficult to find concrete information about how much it costs to buy an investment property. This is largely because everyone’s situation is different, and there is no “one size fits all” response. Plus, in addition to the there are a number of costs to consider in addition to the up-front deposit. This… Read more

Where are the Best Suburbs in Australia for Property Investment?

With so many varied locations in Australia, it can be overwhelming finding the right suburb to buy your investment property in. Every investor wants to make the most of the potential for capital gain and rental yield – so how do you pick the best suburb for property investment?  PLEASE NOTE: Due to an ever-changing property clock, and the unpredictability of the market, it is impossible to concretely determine whether… Read more

Where NOT to Invest in Property | 7 Property Investment Red Flags

There’s a myriad of aspects to consider when researching an investment property. To help narrow down your search for the perfect investment property, we’ve created a list of 7 places to NOT invest in property. Look out for these 7 red flags as you research, and you’ll be set on your way to finding the perfect investment property.  1. DON’T… Read more

What Kind of Property Should I Invest In?

With so many options for investment properties – house and land packages, established properties, dual key, duplex, townhouses and more, how do you decide which property to invest in?  We’ve made a basic run-down of the different property options to help you decide which one will be right for you. If you’re also considering what suburb… Read more