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First Home Buyer

$45k Win for SA First Home Buyers

Prospa Property Advisory can help you access $45,000 in First home buyer grants Today the South Australian State Government released details of it’s $475 million housing package.  Up to $45,000 in Grants are now available to eligible First Home Buyers.  Prospa Property Advisory can help you access these Grants. First Home Buyers are a winner… Read more


Adelaide Property Hotspot

why Adelaide? The Adelaide property market has maintained its upward trend over the past few months.  Prices are continuing to rise and buyer demand remains very high.  However the availability of suitable investment stock on market remains low. QPIA in Adelaide are seeing interstate investors flock to our city in droves.  And according to many… Read more


When Does Location, Location Location Fail?

Imagine a lost tribe somewhere deep in the Amazon that have had no contact with western civilization. What would they say if you asked them what they look for in a home camp? Surely, their answer would be, “Location! Location! Location!”   From an early age it’s drummed into us. The undeniable truth that location… Read more

Should I Invest in Property Interstate?

Why Buy Investment Properties Interstate? Many property investors disregard the idea of buying an investment property interstate. This can be for a number of different reasons, often personal. However, investing in property interstate could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Why Do Some People Prefer Local Properties? There’s a number of reasons why… Read more

Queensland property next to the beach

Why is Everyone Moving to Queensland?

Australia’s Internal Migration 2020 2020 was Australia’s year for internal migration, with tens of thousands of individuals and families choosing to move between states. Several trends were seen throughout the interstate resident swap, including a clear inclination towards regional areas. A net total of 43,000 Australians moved from capital cities to regional areas last year…. Read more

Investment Property

Too Late to Buy An Investment Property?

Too Late to Buy Investment Property? Are you in your 40s or 50s with no investment property or other investments, minimal superannuation and are panicking about your financial future? Stress no more, because wealth-creation through property has absolutely no age limit. While most property experts strongly advise beginning an investment property journey as early as… Read more

Avoid Bad Neighbourhoods | Investment Property Location Advice

Where Should My Investment Property be Located? Avoid Bad Neighbourhoods Neighbourhoods with unsavoury reputations are good areas to avoid. Generally, while you may find a low-priced property, and return comparably high rental yields, the capital growth potential is low, and maintaining reliable, long-term tenants may become an issue. Looking in areas with stronger demographics will… Read more