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Breaking the costly ‘do nothing cycle’

As we head into the new financial year, many taxpayers will be preparing tax returns and reliving the previous 12 months through the lens of credit card and bank statements. Without doubt, a number will realise they’ve, once again, failed to make investment plans to maximise their financial position both now and into the future…. Read more

Post Election Wrap

Adam recently had the opportunity to interview Bushy Martin from Know How Property Finance.  It was an off the cuff interview, where we got Bushy’s feel on how the Australian property market is looking after the recent federal election. The great news is Bushy shares our sentiment that the property investment landscape is looking very… Read more

7 Warning Signs for Property Investors

Location, location, location—a golden rule in property investment that helps investors ensure long-term growth for their assets, but how can they determine where NOT to invest? Location stands as one of the most crucial considerations for investors before buying a property as it determines the level and quality of supply and demand as well as… Read more