Now is the Time to Invest in Property

If you’ve been considering investing in property, now is the perfect time to do it. People are literally jumping over themselves to buy investment properties thanks to interest rates being at a historic low. Owning an investment property has never been more affordable – so don’t become one of the clients that tell us “I wish I’d invested sooner!”.

Why Should I Use a QPIA?

Despite this great opportunity you’ve just been presented with, don’t get so excited to invest that you forget to select the right people for your team. Choosing to work with a Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA) is one of the best decisions you can make to kick-start your future wealth. Here’s 6 reasons why you need to engage a QPIA – and not some dodgy property spruiker, pushing ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

1.      They’re qualified.

To become a QPIA, a property investment professional must complete an extensive training course administered by PIPA (Property Advisory Professionals of Australia). This course provides in-depth education around topics such as property knowledge, finance & structuring, the buying and selling process and delivering expert property investment advice.

Becoming a QPIA is a sign of ongoing dedication to their work, and these professionals are likely to also hold further qualifications such as real estate licenses or certificates in finance.

2.      They will create your property investment plan.

Any QPIA knows that there is no singular, universal path to success in investment. Your individual budget, risk profile, personal circumstances and time in the market should all be taken into account when considering what property to invest in.

Bearing all these aspects in mind, a QPIA will assist you in creating a long-term investment plan that extends beyond a single purchase. This plan will outline what you need to do to reach your personal goals, whether that includes retiring early, creating a legacy for your children, or taking a few extra holidays.

Working with a plan will allow you to stay focused on your goals and understand the process of reaching them more clearly.

3.      They have experience.

Anyone in Australia can give advice on what property you should invest in; and there’s no doubt that everyone believes they are an “expert”. But no matter how much “research” your Uncle Dave has done, or even how much money Jim at your high-school reunion claims to have made, it’s always in your best interest to speak to a professional.

QPIAs live and breathe property. They know all the ins and outs of the market; what suburbs have the most demand, the types of properties that draw tenants, and all the current legislation. They’ve created proven success with their clients and their aim is to continue doing so.

4.      They’re accountable.

QPIAs are all members of PIPA (Property Advisory Professionals of Australia). To become a PIPA member, a thorough assessment of the business’ reputability, qualifications, and client documentation is completed.

To remain a part of PIPA, members must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct which ensures laws and regulations are upheld, as well as raising professional standards of service. If they breach this Code or behave unethically or against the interest of a client, they risk losing their accreditation with PIPA, and thus, their reputation.

5.      They have connections.

A QPIA will walk you through the process of investing, from initial consultation to handover of the property and beyond.

Throughout the advice and purchasing process you will need to work with a range of other professionals including developers, building inspectors, mortgage brokers, accountants, property managers and more who will become part of your ongoing investment team.

Your chosen QPIA will have suggestions of other trustworthy individuals and companies that you may decide to engage.

6.      They understand the risks.

While property is generally a low-risk investment opportunity, no investment is completely destitute of risks. A property spruiker may tell you that a particular property has “guaranteed growth” or make big promises that they won’t be able to keep.

A QPIA will assist you in understanding and negotiating risk, all while remaining within your personal budget and comfort zone.

7.      They work for YOU.

Compare a real estate agent/project marketer to a QPIA.  A real estate agent/project marketer’s job is to squeeze as much money out of your pocket as possible. Furthermore, they can only sell you the particular properties they have available for sale.

What if these properties don’t fit with your personal investment strategy?  It’s unlikely a slick salesman will miss an opportunity to sell, or let the truth get in the way of a sale!

As opposed to this, a QPIA actually works for you.  They will make specific recommendations around the types of properties that fit your strategy, with particular property types and specific locations being of key importance.

A QPIA aims to ensure you invest in a property that benefits you, not just the property that will give them the best pay day.

There’s no “one size fits all” answer to property investing, so it’s important to work with someone who puts your goals first.

What Now?

Overall, a QPIA is the member of your team that understands your needs, wants and situation, and is always in your corner.

If you’re considering taking advantage of the lull in interest rates, now is the time to do so. Why not contact Prospa Property Advisory to discuss your goals today? With only accredited QPIAs on the advisory team, Prospa Property Advisory will make your property investment journey worthwhile.

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