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Still living at home with your parents?  Stuck in the rental roundabout and making your landlord rich?  Are your friends buying their own homes and you want to get in on the action too?  Parents, is it time to get your adult ‘kids’ out of your house and into their own?

If you’re reading this then it’s obviously time for change!  Prospa Property Advisory is here to help.

Our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program can help you get into your own home, much sooner than you expected.  There’s a number of steps to get right in buying your first home and we are here to guide you.

How we help you

Over the years we have helped hundreds of first home buyers and property investors get into the market, much sooner than they thought was possible.

Our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program does the following:

  • We help you access a range of grants, incentives and Stamp Duty changes that minimise the amount of deposit you need to buy a home.  Only certain properties qualify for these benefits such as house & land packages or brand new properties.  It is very important to get the right advice, or you may miss out on thousands of dollars.
  • We help to maximise your buying power with a limited deposit.  Many of our clients are surprised at the properties we can help them buy, without busting the budget.
  • Our fast track program gives you access to a range of hand-picked house & land packages that qualify for the above perks.   These are located in various areas across Adelaide (North, North-East, South & Western suburbs) and the Hills – see below for details.
  • We guide you through the buying process, helping with all of the paperwork.
  • We provide you with access to our partner mortgage brokers and finance experts, who specialise in helping first home buyers.  These guys can save you thousands of dollars and get you onto the path to owning your own home soon – they have helped some of our clients save $10,000 – $15,000.

It is important to note, there are limited spaces in our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program and not everyone will qualify.

low deposit first home – no stress

Many first home buyers think they need to save a 20% deposit to purchase their first home.  This is definitely NOT the case.

In fact, many of our clients are able to purchase their first home with as little as $20,000 deposit, sometimes a little less – and sometimes a lot less deposit if their parents or family are able to help out.

At Propsa Property Advisory, we partner with some of Australia’s leading mortgage broking and finance experts.  They know how to access the best low deposit options for our clients.  This includes accessing different approved schemes and incentives that not everyone knows about – or can access through their own bank.

The end result is being able to purchase a home with less deposit and get into home ownership sooner.  And it makes sense that if you can buy a home with less savings, you can be in your own home sooner… and stop wasting money on rent!

First Home Buyer Accelerator Program

Our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program is designed to help you buy your first home in Adelaide, much sooner than you expected.

Through our Program, you get access to a range of ‘build ready’ house & land packages in various locations across Adelaide.

With these packages, our building partners have preselected an awesome house plan to go onto a block of land.  This will literally put you months ahead of your home buying journey because a lot of the hard work has been done upfront by our team.

Many of these packages have been exclusively negotiated through our builder partner network and are ‘off-market’ opportunities.  This means that many of these packages are not available to the general public,  however we will give you direct access to them through our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program.

As part of the First Home Buyer Accelerator Program, we also give you priority access to our specialist mortgage broking and finance specialists.  This ensures you receive the best service, great results and get into your first home sooner.

We obviously reserve spots in the program for serious people who want to get into their first home sooner.

Our house & land packages are currently available in Adelaide’s northern, north-eastern, western, hills and southern suburbs.

Save thousands on your first home

Our team will help you access a range of schemes and incentives that will save you thousands of dollars.  These benefits are available to first home buyers who build their first home or buy brand new, and they can be complicated to navigate.

However, don’t stress!  We help you navigate the process of applying for these benefits and also  explore ways that will greatly improve your buying power.

For some people on our First Home Buyer Accelerator Program who qualify, this will mean being able to get into a higher level property without affecting their weekly budget.  This is a relatively unknown scheme that many home buyers in SA do not know about.  Again, not everyone will qualify so it’s important that we do a full review of your situation to determine your eligibility.

The path to your forever home

One of the key elements of the program is that this will be your first home, not your forever home!

For most Australian’s, the ‘forever home’ is usually the third house that they buy in their lifetime, upgrading properties along the way.  It’s rarely their first home – unless they somehow come into millions of dollars!

You are no longer in the same market that your parent’s and previous generations experienced, where house prices were relatively low when compared to wages and living costs.  Your main focus should therefore be to leverage the raft of benefits currently available to first home buyers, and get into the property market as soon as possible.

The successful property purchasers will buy a property as soon as they can.  It may not be their ideal location or property, but it means they are ‘in the market’ and experiencing price ‘growth’ as prices go up.  This puts them in a far better position to upgrade the property within a few years and get closer to the ‘forever’ home.

We do get some buyers who feel they would be better to save a larger deposit (or wait for their job to pay a higher salary), so they can get into the next level of housing for their first home.  This is understandable, we all felt the same.  However what we have found, is that the property market generally increases in price much faster than people can save and these people end up falling further behind.

** Also, there is absolutely no guarantee on how long the current raft of benefits to first home buyers will be available.  Our advice is to take advantage of these while you can **

the right first home build

One of the crucial elements in getting into your home sooner is choosing the right builder – we’ve definitely got you covered there.

Choosing the wrong builder will usually cause months of delays.  Firstly, you will be waiting for building plans to be finalised, while the plans are pushed from one department to another, waiting in a huge queue to be worked on.   Sometimes it takes 6+ months for your final building contract to be issued.

After this, you are pushed through a ‘selections’ process, to select the final inclusions in the property.  This is where the sales staff play on your emotions and upsell you on a number of unnecessary upgrades to the standard build package.   This can add tens of thousands of dollars to the standard build package and completely blow your budget.

Worse yet, many of the larger, more prominent builders will not actually start building your home for at least 12 months after your first meeting with them.  This is something the sales staff at the display village conveniently don’t tell you!

At Prospa Property Advisory, we access a range of different builders who work a lot faster than the large builders.  This means you’ll be moving into your home (and getting out of the rental roundabout!) much sooner.

Our panel of builders are very well established builders in South Australia.  Some have built over a thousand homes, so you have peace of mind knowing your home will be great quality.

get in touch

Prospa Property Advisory has over 15 years of helping people achieve their property goals.  We’ve helped hundreds of people along the way and would love to help you get into the property market.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss buying your first home with a low deposit, please get in touch – ph: 1300 660 335 or hello@prospaproperty.com.au


$45k Win for SA First Home Buyers

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